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Prof. Vladimir V. Kuznetsov


Dementeev V.V.>> Calculation of parameters of wind waves on reservoir of complex configuration. - M., 1990. (d.t.s)

Doliner L.I.>> Training of school - teachers to elaboration and using of programs in school of general education. - M., 1990. (d.p.sc)

Ledovskich I.A.>> Influence of molecular effects on wave’s process transformation. - M., 1994 (d.ph.-m.sc.)

Zamogilnova L.V.>> Training to informatics’ problems in school of general education. M., 1994. (d. p. sc)

Sereda Yu.A.>> Methodical means of qualimetry and graphical imaginations of structures in teaching of informatics. M., 1996. (d.p.sc)

Bakushin A.A.>> Experience of optimal system’s construction of informatics training in technical college. - M., 2000. (d.p.sc)

Vinogradova G.V.>> Optimization of processes of professional training on example of teaching of system of automation’s projection. - 2000. (d.p.sc)

Novikov V.A.>> Methodic of teaching to program’s technical means of informatics and evaluation of its resulting. - 2002. (d.p.sc)

Zvereva V.P.>> Technology of professional training of technical college students to computer’s means. - 2002. (d.p.sc)

Galichaev M.P.>> Biomechanical structure of final phase of pushing away of jumper in long and methods of its formations. – M.,1983, {Scientific consultant}, (d. p. sc ).

Popov G.I.>> Theoretical and experimental basis of using of elastic connections as being an mean of influence on rhythmical rate of sportsmen movements structure.